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ASIA BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY INSTITUTE is a think tank registered in Singapore (UEN 201727306H). Asian Blockchain Industry Institute unites experts and consultants in various fields, concentrating on blockchain industry research, and taking technological support and scientific services as a fundamental, to gather innovative resources, foster and develop blockchain industry application, and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The institute is connecting top project resources, and supporting the development of digital economy. 

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International Advisory Committee of Experts

XIE ZHONGYU(Honorary Chairman)

Chairman of the board of supervisors of the first major state-owned enterprises under the state council (vice-ministerial-level). Senior engineer, College Degree. Served successively as director of the department of policies and regulations, director of the general office of the ministry of chemical industry, deputy director of the state administration of petroleum and chemical industry, and member of the leading party members' group. Served as a director of the state nuclear power technology corporation and an independent non-executive director of Sinopec. External director of China National Offshore Oil Corporation. Honorary chairman of the board of Asian blockchain industry institute.

LI WEN(Chairman of the Board)

Chairman of the board of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute , founder of Hunxu tribe, former president of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group, master of management in UK ASTON university, Dr. of sociology in Nankai University. Expert under the State Council special government allowances, standing director of CCG think tank of the State Council. Known as "the living drucker" by the dean of Peter Drucker College.

CHEN BOHUI (Director)

Director of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute. Doctoral candidate in Political Science at the University of International Business and Economics. Member of the expert committee at the Committee of Industry Reform and Enterprise Development of China Society of Economic Reform. Standing Director of China Leadership Expert Council. Member of the expert committee of China Intelligent Manufacturing Society. Member of China Mobile Communications Association Blockchain Committee. Senior Advisor on blockchain technology and industry development at Nanjing Gulou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Visiting professor at Shanxi Agricultural University College of Economics and Management.

Jack Yang (Honorary Director and Devoted Scientist)

Ph.D. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University. Have the knowledge of 74 Encryption consensus algorithm of blockchain main chain. Founded CyberMatrix Internet operating system software, Cigsolar copper indium gallium selenide solar battery manufacturing, Vihoo intelligent household, responsible for new product marketing Etron group in North America, conducting research project in Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and NASA's jet propulsion laboratory. Participated in the development of usb-pd and usb-c international standards for big data, IOT and artificial intelligence. Honorary Director and devoted to Scientist of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.


Overseas returnees of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, former CTO of, and lvmama. International advisory committee of experts of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute. Graduated from Carnegie Mellon university and has overseas practical working and management experience for more than 15 years. Successively engaged in Oracle HQ, Oracle Consulting, investment banking (Royal Bank of Scotland), and Interactive Brokers in Silicon Valley & Wall Street. Engaged in the research and development of technology architecture and team management in a number of Internet start-ups after returning back to China. Senior technology consultant for a number of listed companies. Making angel investments in a number of Internet technology start-ups (in the direction of ABCD) and participated in the investment, incubation and advisory of a number of blockchain projects: celllink, gamecell, idcg, punch, Saturn, etc.

ZHANG ZHENGYU(Honorary Director and Chief of Public Affairs Officer)

Ph.D. of engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics general mechanics, Beijing University. Senior engineer. National young and middle-aged experts with state council special allowance. Standing director of Beijing private science and technology entrepreneurs association, member of the CPPCC national committee, member of the CPPCC Beijing municipal committee, vice-chairman of Beijing federation of industry and commerce, member of the standing committee of China federation of industry and commerce, member of the standing committee of China youth federation, vice-chairman of China young entrepreneurs association. Honorary Director and Chief of Public Affairs Officer of Asia blockchain Industry Institute.


Founder of Nuclear Polyethylene Chain, former high-end expert of Huawei blockchain, member of international expert advisory committee of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute. Chief technical expert of World Blockchain Organization (WBO) under the United Nations, member of ACM Practitioner Board in the United States, CEO and founder of DistributedApps in the United States, managing partner of Dynamic Fintech Group in Silicon Valley. Researcher and lecturer of big data block chain and supervision science and technology laboratory and French chain laboratory of Renmin University of China. Worked for a CGI companies in the United States more than 18 years, created the CGI federal identity management and network security capabilities center, head of the laboratory of chain of CGI blocks, CGI safety technical director, CGI cloud security director and chief security architect. Providing expert advice on finance, blockchain and security to the US federal government, financial institutions and utilities.


Founder of blockchain workshop, chief consultant of chain innovation, chairman of China enterprise Hong Kong capital group, founder of lean entrepreneurship camp, Ph.D. of financial science institute of the ministry of finance, and EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Focusing on the early investment in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence, Presided over and led the venture capital and equity investment of more than 60 start-ups and growing enterprises since 2006, incubated and invested in more than 20 blockchain start-ups in the whole process, and served as the independent director and director of 12 listed companies since 2002. Social duties include: adjunct professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, Xiamen University, Capital University of Economics, judge of Microsoft accelerator, judge of zhongguancun U30 competition, executive secretary of zhenghedao Beijing neighborhood organization, partner of Xishan Angel Association, and national top ten social entrepreneurship mentor.


Ph.D. of computer network security, postdoctoral fellow of international finance, academician of international economic development institute. Former Lehman brothers Asia Pacific chief investment officer, introduced by the national talent plan from Lehman brothers to shenzhen, introduced overseas venture capital mergers and acquisitions for more than 60 domestic and overseas group enterprises. Personally invest hundreds hatch and entrepreneurial teams and Coaching the small and medium-sized companies successfully listings overseas. Currently serves as chief of staff, chief of staff Online President, personal adviser to the chairman of many Internet finance listed companies. Honorary Director and Chief Investment Officer of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.


Ph.D. of finance, Central University of Finance and Economics, young researcher of China wealth management 50-member forum, assistant researcher of development research center of the state council, member of Rongge Finance blockchain 40-member forum.International Advisory Committee of Expert of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.

HUANG FENGRONG(Honorary Director and Chief Communications Officer)

Chief editor of China economic media association-china economic news network, chairman of China economic news interactive cooperation alliance, chairman of China blockchain media social responsibility forum (China blockchain media leaders summit), and chairman of China blockchain expo. Honorary Director and Chief Communications Officer of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.

ZHU YOUPING(Honorary Director and Chief Visionary Officer)

Zhu Youping, Blockchain Economist, Researcher, Vice Director of CEInet Management Center of National Information Center of China. Honorary Director and Chief Visionary Officer of Asian Blockchain institute(Singapore). Graduated from Economic Collage of Peking University in 1987. Have worked more than 30 years as a frontier in the national technology and economic research department, and had outstanding performance in both academic and business aspects. One of the sponsors for the CEInet and Chinese Economic Top 50 Discussion(a famous forum in China). Starting to do research on Blockchain and Bitcoin in 2013. Claimed by Shiliu Finance, Jinse Finance and Wall Street cn to be the first person of Chain-Reform in the world.


The first person of Chinese brand, brand consultant of CCTV, famous brand strategy expert, brand observer of new media era, chief consultant of Internet finance committee of China e-commerce association, honorary director and chief brand officer of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute.

Graduated from the School of Journalism, Fudan University. Engaged in marketing and brand planning since 1990, served as the brand strategy and marketing consultant for Yili Group, Mengniu Dairy, Little Sheep Hotpot, Qingdao Beer, Guangri Elevator, Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine, Hillman Restaurant, Minsheng Pharmaceutical, Sanyuan Foods and other famous enterprises of the country , won the Chinese Planning Industry outstanding service award, influence Chinese marketing process sino-us business summit. Won the "sino-us cultural exchange brand communication award" at the sino-us business summit held in Los Angeles. 

CHI CHANGSHENG(Global chief strategy officer)

Vice-chairman and secretary general of Industry reform of Chinese society for the study of the economic system reform and enterprise development committee , executive director of China's industry reform and development BBS, the secretary general. Secretary general of China leadership talent committee. Adjunct professor of the Chinese leadership science research center, China's leading scientific research, managing director of the third session of the council, the Chinese research association executive director of the fifth session of the council, Chinese society  economic system reform executive director of the seventh session of the council. Served as executive director of the National Development and Reform Commission, the vice President of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council "Energy" magazine, who won the top ten outstanding youth in Dalian, top ten outstanding youth  in Liaoning province and other honorary titles. Honorary Director And Global Chief Strategy Officer of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.


The respected economist Yu Jianing (George), Ph.D., graduated from Renmin University of China. He is certified as an associate researcher by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), but in his own right he has achieved renown for his study in the realm of the digital economy and blockchain industry. Moreover, Dr. Yu has served as the director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Information Center of MIIT, where he was instrumental in the drafting and study of wide-ranging policies, having devoted many years to policy research.

Dr. Yu serves concurrently as the president of Huobi University, deputy director of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, Member of the China Computer Federation's Blockchain Committee and special expert of the Blockchain Pilot Zone within the Hainan Pilot Free-Trade Zone (Port). 


Digital economist, director of Sensetime institute of intelligent industry, researcher of the artificial intelligence and chain laboratory (AIBI) of Tongji university, chief digital economist of China Blockchain Technology Reform Alliance, major research areas include artificial intelligence, intelligent economy and digital economics. Specialis of "block chain thought forty" forum, specialist of Asian Blockchain Industry Insitute, international advisory committee expert of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute. Invited expert of Sino-British science and technology education cooperation and exchange. Personal monographs include Interdisciplinary artificial intelligence research monographs "Boundless: Cognitive upgrading in the era of artificial intelligence", the teaching material of the new direction and new momentum planning of information technology in colleges and universities of the ministry of education "AI and block chain intelligence", and the interdisciplinary economics work "Intelligent Economy". 


Blockchain expert, work for IBM, Tencent and other well-known companies in the industry, and successively carried out blockchain project design and architecture planning of supply chain anti-counterfeiting traceability, supply chain finance,have a deep understanding and understanding of the blockchain industry,one of the author of "2018 China Blockchain Technology Development and Application White Paper" 、 sponsored expert member of the CIECC Blockchain Committee of the Ministry of Commerce。


Founder of "liu xingliang time", anchor of video program "bright three points" DCCI Internet research institute, special commentator of CCTV financial channel, visiting professor of southwest jiaotong university, expert of tencent tengyun think tank, member of shanxi provincial committee of CPPCC, member of information and communication economy expert committee of ministry of industry and information technology, vice President of Beijing information and industrialization integration service alliance, vice chairman of zhongguancun digital media industry alliance, vice president of zhongguancun digital culture industry alliance, director of zhongguancun angel investment alliance, president of China jinshang Internet industry promotion association.


Ragunath is a IT professional with experience in  India & Southeast Asia. His passion soars in the industries of eCommerce, Marketing, Software developing, Blockchain and designing. Ragunath has more than 10 years of experience working in dynamic and global business environments. He has been trained in computer application and also he was graduated in Master of  Information Technology. He has experience to expose the blockchain in very early, over the years he has been working digital asset applications in India and Southeast Asia. He has a strong aptitude in both written & verbal communication for the marketing and sales of highly technical products.

Leo Lo(Honorary Director and Secretary of North American Division )

MBA from university of Illinois at urbana-champaign. Deputy general manager of Synnex (stock symbol: SNX, with annual revenue of $13 billion and top 3 IT high-tech large gateway companies in the United States). Senior manager of MiTAC Int 'l, a taiwan-listed company, and deputy general manager of the americas business of Infortrend, a listed company. Deputy general manager of baishida group logistics company and cross-border purchasing and operation research company. Strategic Advisor, Strategic Advisor to Sureline Systems, a cloud and data center software company with Google customers in the U.S. and aliyun customers in China. Vice President, business marketing development, SWR Technology Inc. community group manager of Silicon valley forum: financial economy - artificial intelligence - block chain. Honorary Director and Secretary of North American Division of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute.


Originator of the Chain Modification Experiment, Blockchain economist, founder of chain block communication. One of “China's blockchain economy 100 people”. The father of virtual telephone numbers in China. Went to tsinghua university at the age of 15 and graduated from the ford class of sino-american economics graduate training center. Chairman of Union Telecom and Fast Open Technology. Founder of small meetingteleconferencing App. Former deputy director of the state science and technology commission, director of mianyang city investment promotion, two ministerial-level awards; 52 cloud communications and enterprise SaaS patent inventors. Member of international expert advisory committee of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute.


National excellent innovation mentors, senior Internet financial economist, senior adviser to the board of directors of the listed company and banks. Professor of hebei university of finance, master's supervisor, finance President class tutor of tsinghua university, Peking University, zhejiang university, xiamen university, researcher of China financial think tank, expert of financial science and technology committee of China institute of technology and economics, financial innovation industry tutor of China new finance development alliance, expert of Internet finance research institute of China e-commerce association, special expert of CMCA international block chain alliance, special expert of CMCA block chain industry innovation center, special expert of development research center of xiongan new area of hebei university of finance. Research fields: financial technology, block chain, etc. Chief editor of a number of textbooks, among which "introduction to Internet finance" is listed as the national industry and information technology personnel training project designated training materials, published more than 60 academic papers, undertake more than 40 various topics. A total training hall, the place class staff, the bank of China, construction bank, icbc, agricultural bank, citic bank, everbright bank and other state-owned commercial Banks, joint-stock Banks, city firms, bank, state grid, China too equality of nearly one hundred thousand people. Has won the first prize in the teaching competition of financial institutions and led the team to visit the world bank, FICO, FinTech Network, Lendingclub and other institutions.


Doctor of law, Suzhou university. President and chairman of Suzhou Dongwu examination institute. Vice President and chairman secretary of Jiangsu Dongdun Wood Industry Group. Senior researcher of dongwu think-tank and suzhou university marxism green development. Member of China leadership talent committee, international expert advisory committee of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute. 


Founder of Fusionblock , master of Tsinghua University, Ph. D. of the University of Chicago, Student of the father of the grid professor Ian Foster. Has worked in IBM global r&d center in the United States, Argonne national laboratory and Microsoft office. Microsoft outstanding staff award. The CTO of big data processing center, tsinghua university. Chairman of ACM/IEEE international conference on cloud computing big data. Independently developed SWIFT system data algorithm platform, and been widely used in the US department of energy SDSS Sloan data sky scan, NASA AstroPortal astronomy data gateway, large hadron collider in Europe, gravitational wave detection and other projects. Has more than 10 books on cloud computing and big data, more than 40 patents and soft books. Author of 13 books including "big data architecture",   "data management and data engineering". International expert advisory committee of Asian blockchain industry institute.


Doctor of finance, associate professor, director of south China normal university blockchain economic research center, director of digital currency research institute, head of the establishment team of blockchain technology and finance laboratory, financial executives and invited experts from guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and dayan district. Member of the international expert advisory committee of Asian blockchain industry institute. Author of the “evolutionary logic of the institutional change of state-owned Banks and the dynamic optimization of the state utility function”. Has published a number of academic papers related to the study of monetary system, participated in a number of national projects, andOpening and lecturing the first postgraduate course "block chain economics" related to the block chain economy in China.


Economics postdoctoral reseacher of California State University , postdoctoral fellow at Oxford University business management, European and American society, member of  Western Returned Scholars Association, guizhou provincial party committee decision-making consulting experts, Provincial science and technology association standing committee, Director of Guizhou institute of intelligent industry technology,  student tutor of Guizhou central party school ,Consultant of senior management training and development center of guizhou university, international expert advisory committee of Asian block chain industry institute .


Ph.D of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's first batch of investment banker. Made prominent contribution to the theory research of New Three Board, otc market, science and technology of finance and has considerable influence in the industry. Put forward a complete theoretical system of the new three board. Participated in the construction of the new third board system, and recognized as the leader of new three board market. One of the pioneers of chain reform and puts forward a complete theoretical system.


Ph.D., associate professor, doctoral supervisor, graduated from the department of precision instrument, Tsinghua University in 2002. Postdoctoral fellow at graduation at the National CIMS Engineering Research Center of the department of automation, tsinghua university in 2005. Worked at school of mechanical engineeringBeijing institute of technology till now as director of institute of digital manufacturing. Mainly engaged in intelligent manufacturing execution system, advanced planning and scheduling, adaptive processing and other technical research, system development and implementation applications. Has published more than 80 scientific research papers, published a monograph [The Principle & Practice Technology of Manufacturing Execution System], edited two textbooks such as [manufacturing system engineering] independently, and awarded second and third prizes respectively from State Science and Technology Prizes.  


Director of digital China industry big data research center, secretary general of China's Internet industry alliance with low consumption; Vice President of China big data industry application collaborative innovation research institute; Deputy secretary general of the smart city committee of the Chinese society for regional economics; Member of China smart family and community technology and application alliance; Executive director of new smart city research institute of China association for the promotion of science and technology industrialization; Expert consultant of expert committee of characteristic town construction of China forestry and environment promotion association; Expert of the research group of "comparative study on the construction of smart city in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and hangzhou" , the decision-making consultation of Beijing federation of social science and technology; Government consultant of xinyi city, jiangsu province, rushan city, shandong province, and yanji city, jilin province.


Famous Chinese cryptography expert, good at long cipher algorithm and block chain. Chief engineer of several national key cryptography projects in China, cheng jianping has won the national science and technology progress award of China twice, and achieved a major breakthrough in cryptography and algorithms. CEO, chief technology officer and founder of Hong Kong eastern blockchain technology co., LTD.


Executive deputy secretary-general of block chain branch of China software industry association, director of guoxin government affairs certification center of state information center, vice chairman of digital finance research institute of United Nations industrial development organization, senior engineer, more than 20 years working experience of software and Internet. Block chain professional lecturer. International Advisory Committee of Experts  of Asia block chain industry institute.


Doctor, Professor, Master Supervisor, vice president of management college of Beijing Union University, held a temporary post as vice mayor of Wusu city, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Beijing, standing director of financial technology professional committee of China Association of Technology and Economics, and expert member of blockchain professional committee of China Mobile Communication Federation.


Researcher, professor, economics postdoctoral fellow, vice president of comprehensive development research institute (shenzhen, China), appointed expert of ministry of commerce, expert of government special allowance, national registered investment consulting engineer (investment). Presided over more than 100 major national and local research projects, provided decision-making advice for governments at all levels, and provided strategic consulting and investment project feasibility study reports for the development of listed companies and multinational companies. 


Founder of Zhimi University , advocate of the password economy. Ph.D of economics, Peking University. Director of block chain economic research center, chongqing technology and business university, special tutor of huobi university, consulting expert of China cloud system alliance. Expert member of China mobile communication federation, expert consultant of China virtual goods and digital economy research institute, member of zhejiang digital economy association, columnist of babbitt, Mars finance, golden finance, currency view K station, etc.


Chairman of Shanghai lizhan technology, chairman and chief scientistof jinwowo blockchain technology, chief scientist of beidou future big data group. Has been the President/CEO/partner of ningsheng financial group, the assistant to the President of fortune business group of alibaba ant financial group, the general manager of science and technology department of head office of yingkou bank, and the deputy general manager of operation and management department of the branch. Deputy secretary general of the special committee for collaborative innovation in informatization of China, researcher of the national institute of cyberspace security and big data law strategy of chongqing university, national think tank of China, and researcher of chongqing collaborative innovation intellectual property research center. Director of the new financial alliance and a member of the expert committee. The initiator of the new financial club, member of the computer forensics expert committee of the Chinese association of electronics, member of the block chain special committee of the Chinese computer society, member of the executive committee of the 60-member forum for the integration of block chain and industry Internet, and vice chairman of the expert committee of the international block chain innovation and application alliance.


PhD, department of electrical engineering, tsinghua university. Studied in tsinghua university from 1996 to 2006. , , I have worked in the United States, the Middle East, Japan and Europe as an executive of a multinational enterprise from 2006 to 2016. Won the first prize of Beijing municipal science and technology award and national excellent patent award in 2014. Returned to China and focused on the research work in the field of digital economy at the beginning of 2016. Now become a well-known technical expert in the field of digital economy, providing training and consultation in the fields of blockchain and big data for many enterprises, and customizing and implementing digital transformation solutions.Entrepreneurship tutor of tsinghua x-lab blockchain Lab, the consultant of qinghua-qingdao big data research and engineering center, and the chief consultant of digital economy research center of people's online mooc law school.

Alice Liu

20 years software industry experiences, 5 years experience in leading a team. •6.5 years co-working experiences in Japan IT area, Participate in the full lifecycle of project, including SA, HD, FD, DD, Coding, test and deployment. •SCJP (SUN certificated java programmer), Familiar with JAVA Programming. •Good analytical skills, Fluent in Japanese and stronger study ability. •Able to coordinate the work of team members. • Oversea work background, Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Graduated from the people's liberation army luoyang foreign language institute, military career more than 40 years, retired professional technical senior colonel. Taking charge and participated in the construction of VSAT satellite small data station system during work in a PLA research institute. Led and participated in the development of VFC data communication system. Taking charge of the command information automation workstation, successfully completed the construction and operation of the computer system of the second-level node of the automation workstation; taking charge of and participated in the networking of large digital program-controlled telephone exchange system in the army. Taking charge of the work of the national construction office of communication support, cooperated with the information center to complete the work of the earliest computer network security vulnerability scanner, the development of network attack intrusion detection system, productization and social promotion. 


  • 01 Think Tank

    Market Data Collection, Logging, and Analyses;
    Blockchain Application and Trend Studies;
    Participation in the Rule-making of the Industry

  • 02 Talent

    Talent Training by Cooperating with Global Universities;
    Blockchain talent exchange and referral from different stages.

  • 03 Expert

    Form a Global Expert Consulting Platform;
    Team Up Experts for Projects and Institutes.

  • 04 Incubator

    Engage Since Seed Stage, Supporting Blockchain Projects with Data, Talent, Capital, Management, and etc.

  • 05 VC

    ABII Forms Strategic Partnership with Epoch Digital Asset Foundation, Providing Financing Services at All Stages.



US-based economists, World outstanding Chinese, best leader of financial industry , famous Chinese investors, senior consultant of controlling financial risk, academic committee invited China management science research institute researcher, system optimization laboratory of the college of engineering at Stanford and silicon valley of China and the United States development promotion association, a researcher at the Chinese enterprise system optimization research and development center, Asia block chain industry research institute researcher. Special adviser to the UN organization of science and technology, chairman of the association for the advancement of the international economy, in block chain alliance, chairman of the British and American financiers are founding members of the club, union honorary President of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) capital construction, the international professional teachers review committee of specialized management institutions enterprise management professor, honorary President of the union financial businesses in guizhou, guizhou council for the promotion of green ecological development consultant, danzhai county government economic adviser, etc.


Party secretary of shanxi agricultural university economic management academy, the principal of party school. Researcher of Asian block chain industry institute . Successively worked in shanxi academy of agricultural sciences and shanxi agricultural university. Director of China leading science research association, director of China leading talents research association, the director of China leading talents special committee, director of China leading talents special committee, the deputy secretary general of shanxi leading talents research association, etc


Master of computer technology, master of business administration.Have rich and comprehensive experience and capabilities in top-level design, management, cooperation and operation in the fields of Internet technology, industrial Internet, block chain and other cutting-edge technologies, intelligent manufacturing, financial technology and new materials, cosmetics, etc. Chairman of Shanghai weisu investment management co., LTD. Founder of the Fifth Think Tank. Multi-dimensional chain founder. Member of Shanghai informatization youth talent association. Consultant of China and Australia blockchain association. Kunshan industrial Internet research institute researcher. Vice President of digital research institute of zhejiang osm group. Guest professor of blockchain in plenty of universities


Researcher of Asia block chain industry institute , senior private equity investors, deputy secretary-general of shaanxi chain block industry association , co-founder and CEO of finance and economics,director of chain century block chain 499 league, Founder of Shike say "Blockchain" , the global block chain experts 50 interviews,and Focus Capital. Co-sponsors of Block chain lecture room. 


Master of sociology, Japan research center of Beijing foreign studies university. Consultant to a Japanese advertising agency “dentsu China”, advised ajisen ramen and other chain companies on their stock market listings. Advocate of generalized block chain theory and practitioner of offline application project, and exchange and cross-border connection of Japanese block chain industry (boundary person kyoukaijin). Now fully incubate the future of the Internet of everything, the web of everything. In the future, this "web of everything" will be the "web of everything" covering the current Internet and the block chain (known as Internet 2.5).


Master of applied finance, Singapore management university, CFA level 3 candidate. Researcher of Asian blockchain industry research institute, director of citic futures, and an options strategy consultant of Shanghai stock exchange. Successfully used options futures and other financial derivatives to provide risk management services for many enterprises. Made profound research on domestic quantitative high-frequency trading, CTA strategy and volatility trading, which has promoted the development of financial derivatives in China. Committed to the digitalization of assets by blockchain technology and digital identity as a pioneer of early exposure to digital currency, the research and exploration of automated management of digital assets by using smart contracts, and the formation of his own unique theoretical system and the architecture of the evolution model.

YU MINGCHU (Secretary General of China Region)

Secretary General of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute China region. Honored as the pioneer in the field of block chain industry. Has successively served as the community promoter of zhongguancun block chain technology research and application exchange center and the founder of block chain media platform -- block chain lecture room. Executive director of Asia Blockchain Association, an influential academic society in Asia, the secretary-general of the institute of global cryptographic digital assets, vice president of the global college students blockchain alliance, and a member of the China international e-commerce blockchain special committee of the ministry of commerce.


Master's degree in law from Beijing air force command college, bachelor's degree in securities and investment from Beijing institute of technology, a partner of Beijing guojiarui joint accounting firm, and a former secretary general of the Internet finance consumer protection alliance


Chairman of Cloud holdings, chairman of a chain factory, expert of the Ministry of Commerce international electronic commerce center block chain institute expert database,, deputy director of the China electronic commerce association blocks and chain management center, secretary-general of the blocks chain organization WBA league block chain alliance, founder of the international community, tencent intelligent ecological partners, sponsors of 2018 hurun block chain.


Deputy chief editor of People's Daily patrika, the deputy secretary general. Brand 315 national promotion center deputy director of the brand department, deputy director of the big global data centre for the study of the ministry of communications, director of the China electronics quality management association, secretary-general of branch of digital economy, vice president of  China block chain alliance of ecological cultivation, deputy director of the project group.


Deputy secretary general of the block chain professional committee of China electronic chamber of commerce, editor director of CCTV's program "name card of a great power", TOKEN finance promoter, co-sponsor of the legend chain, XMAX ecological first alliance captain, sina weibo famous blogger. He has edited large reference books such as "shaanxi manual", "gansu manual", "ningxia enterprises and products", as well as block chain and research on the general economy.


Founder/President of topo blockchain university, partner of Hong Kong zhan feng capital, worked in China scholarship management council, participated in the ministry of education industry-education integration collaborative education, new engineering construction projects, Chinese college students service outsourcing innovation and entrepreneurship competition evaluation expert, ministry of education innovation and entrepreneurship mentor.


Founder and chairman of the board of directors of Fed era, director of weng global currency code block chain of the institute, sponsors of China IPFS club , researchers and practitioners of sharing economic in China, leader of small and medium-sized enterprises to produce melting mode field , angel investors of chain blocks, 2018 China credit outstanding entrepreneur, ten person 2018 block chain industry in China, in 2018 China brand mastiff "gold award", 2017, new era of China's most entrepreneurial new characters, 2017 China's most influential lecturer. 


Researcher of Asia block chain industry institute.  Founder of Xiaomin Venture capital, I cloud, co-founder of science and technology, finance China and barbecue community. Standing director of Dubai block chain assembly, director of the hash island BBS, faith community partners, veteran block chain field, deep tillage chain block, have unique insights of the block chain.Considers block chain is the fourth time the industrial revolution, the advent of the era of block chain will have a profound impact on human society.


Chairman of shenzhen fuhui investment management co., LTD., researcher of Asia blockchain industry institute, researcher of China blockchain application research center. Doctor of business administration, mergers and acquisitions specialist of PEMA, Fund Manager, holder of GBBC global blockchain application certification, secretary of the board certificate, and consultant of many listed companies. Invested in projects as ant financial, wanda pictures, shenzhou-uccar, focus media, buzi pharmaceutical, rujia hotel, cloud brain technology, IFMChain, the world's first public chain of mobile terminal, and FINChain, the world's first social chain of mobile terminal.


Founder of block chain industry alliance of guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, founder of shenzhen qianhai Himalayan capital, famous early equity investor of block chain industry, researcher of Asian block chain industry institute. Have more than 10 years' working experience as an executive in shenzhen huawei technologies co., ltd. and listed companies in the communication and electronics industry, initiated and managed the merger and acquisition fund of yushun industry, and participated in leading many merger and acquisition cases. Has rich experience in angel and VC investment in financial technology, block chain industry, artificial intelligence, cultural and creative industry and other fields. Employed as an expert judge of shenzhen nanshan "star of entrepreneurship" and shenzhen big data innovation competition. Began to invest in many block chain technology development companies such as shenzhen ipo technology, acclaim, digital technology, kaipai and so on in 2015, becoming the pioneer of the traditional venture capital industry in the block chain industry investment.


President of WBF research institute, chief strategy officer, chief research economist, researcher of Asian blockchain industry institute. Engaged in industrial research, corporate strategy, capital operation, organizational control, human resources and other management consulting services; Engaged in investment manager work in zhejiang and zi chuangshi, mainly involved in characteristic town, incubation park, mass innovation space, new energy, e-commerce, education and other industries; Head of the TokenX community and training institute and one of the key participants in the pilot zone.


CEO of fujian Victory intelligent system integration technology co., LTD., researcher of Asia block chain industry institute , member of password association of China, youth expert of the Internet society of China, professional committee of China communication industry association block chain, professional committee of the national institutions of higher learning basic computer education research association network science and technology and intelligent media design , talents of Internet economy in fujian province , professional and technical personnel 653 high-level information. Currently engaged in: block chain, Internet of things, intelligence, wisdom, government affairs, the wisdom of police, medical treatment, education wisdom, wisdom energy, car, big data, cloud computing and Internet economy, industrial intelligent manufacturing and information technology such as robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), Leo space aircraft cutting-edge technology in the field of digital economy, policy, application and research in the field of investment, etc.


Co-founder of Great Wall commune, CEO of Great Wall finance and economics, researcher of Asian blockchain industry research institute, national blockchain senior technology consultant, senior lecturer, served as President of real estate and financial companies in the past decade.


Co-founder of Great Wall commune, co-founder of lianquan business school, senior blockchain technology consultant. Focuses on the development and exploration of block chain self-organizing community -- the Great Wall commune enterprise, and practices the design the development of the chain chain distribution system business structure of the block chain enabling entity enterprises, so as to facilitate the economic and ecological operation and guidance of enterprises.


Member Of Global Advisory Council and China Affairs Advisor of Asia Blockchain Industry Insitute. Founding partner of Shanghai Chiyun Enterprise Management co., LTD., partner of block chain education project of Shanghai university of finance and economics, co-founder and dean of IDER information and digital economy research center, director of operations of TheCabinCapital, official representative of Israeli high-tech enterprise E.D. BF Holdings LTD in China, chief product officer of novotel products. Developed the hand the sound system and awarded first prize of the United Nations development program (undp) entrepreneurship competition. Worked in car networking, Internet education, and financial companies such as the Internet, Internet related technologies have 5 years of product development and market experience, the mainly focused on block chain and other cutting-edge technology research and related education and research,  practice platform construction and the construction of talent cultivation system professionally.


Founder of zhejiang shidai art co., LTD., researcher of Asian Blockchain Industry Institute. Engaged in the management and collection of jade works of art from 1997 (15 years in shenzhen,  7 years hangzhou), contacting with China's top jade carving masters and works for long time with actual combat experience, and has a greater appeal and influence in the industry, has a profound knowledge and unique understanding of art industry, absolute leading level in art + block chain industry application research , now boosting the implementation of China's jade carving master of fine arts in hangzhou digital asset exchange (outbound)

Annie Wu

Co-founder of Hong Kong zhongben media, CEO of Hong Kong zhongben finance. Deputy secretary general of Hong Kong blockchain institute, deputy secretary general of Hong Kong financial blockchain association, senior media architect in Hong Kong, Singapore and southeast Asia, focusing on the promotion and cooperation of blockchain industry.


Management consultant, block chain ecological architect, co-founder of xi 'an Shengde enterprise management company , researcher of Asia Blockchain industry institute. Researcher of People's Daily online's venture capital blockchain. Good at block chain solution design, copyright trade, cross-border electricity, food, housing, media and other industry enterprises have done block chain solutions consulting, best-selling "business ecology: a new principle of the survival environment of enterprises", "the business after all: yangming philosophy of business intelligence" , well-known media writer.


Founder of jiangsu hengqu education technology, senior lecturer of technology philosophy, researcher of Asian block chain industry institute, double degree of engineering of shandong university and management of nanjing university, software designer, optical communication engineer. 18 years' working experience in China unicom and China mobile.Unique insights into the application trend of communication technology and computer technology in the Internet era, and provides strategic consulting, management consulting and technical consulting to many global top 500 enterprises. 


Founder of the world pattern sports association and co-founder of gem tour. Researcher of Asian blockchain industry institute, doctor of business administration. Served as contract manager for international engineering projects such as guangdong nuclear power plant and chittagong, Bangladesh. Worked as an executive in the domestic a-board listed company (south China west) and Hong Kong listed company (Recruiting) subsidiary. Led a team of 1000 people to develop domestic CPU and operating system. Provided value-added services for China mobile gotone brand for 12 years. Planned and organized "moved" national youth network SMS works competition, animation industry development and youth healthy growth summit forum, the all-china women's federation female entrepreneurship competition. Invested in mobile value-added, real estate, animation, jewelry business. Served as the consultant of hangzhou international blockchain town.


Co-founder of meteorite finance, researcher of Asian blockchain industry institute. Senior advertising media and brand strategy of 14 years, including 5 years marketing experience, block chain industry established wholly owned 2011 Wuyou management consulting co., LTD., serviced more than 300 enterprises strategic brand creation and marketing of the nation. Continue to explore and promote the new marketing model of "blockchain + real economy", and cooperate with a number of large Chinese entities on blockchain, and have made great achievements.


Vice President of international digital economy culture alliance, founder of Huadingxin Capital, incubated and invested in multiple block chain projects, exchanges, payment platforms, etc., and basically participated in every part of the industry.


Serial entrepreneur, entered the Bitcoin industry in 2012, founded Bitcoin development LTD in 2013, member of DACA genesis, engaged in chip research and development, mining machinery, application development, etc., founded Meteoric Finance in 2018, and co-founded mirror world (MWFS) in 2019.


As the evangelist of the first batch of block chain articles translated in China, he began to  deeply study the blockchain technology in 2011, and was the first one who put forward the concept of "decentralized business and centralized management" in the direction of block chain application in 2014. He used to be one of the three founders of Gongxinbao, the executive director of Blockchain Engine china district, and the executive director of China Information association. He is currently the CEO of Zhigan Blockchain & Lianhe Investment company, applied for more than 30 blockchain patents and soft copyrights as a team leader. He has delivered keynote speeches as a special guest at Japan's "netease news & attitude award" conference, " the Belt and Road Initiative · digital city" and the first global digital city forum (China station), huazhong blockchain technology enabling real economy summit, 2019 world digital economy conference and other important political and business summit.


Blockchain technology expert, an early participant in the blockchain community, deputy director of the blockchain research center of Harbin Institute of Technology, conducted in-depth research on the application of blockchain technology, digital assets, distributed finance and AI. Initiated the construction of "chain guest hall" block chain teaching system and other industry knowledge popularization activities, and also participated in block technology shenzhen node, OKEX city alliance, etc. Netease cloud classroom "block chain lecture room", sina "block chain 60 lectures" and other online video courses lecturer. Member of the editor of the 2019 global blockchain industry development panorama report.


Set foot into blockchain industry at the end of 2017, and participated in preparing the China Chamber of Commerce of Electronics Blockchain expert committee. Undertaken the international digital economy expo with Xiongan new district and govement of hebei province in September 2019, which was the first blockchain  conference sponsored by the national government in China, also made great achievements. This conference was approved the national conference in 2020 by the State Council of China. Then follow the national "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy,  enter the mineral industry in Mongolia, and study the mineral chain, mineral transliteration and new financing mode of the mineral industry.


Vice President of new Oriental, block chain expert, researcher of Asian block chain industry institute.


Co-founder of Great Wall commune.Founder of rent wuneng CEO. Founder of every family online information technology co., LTD. Founder of dacheng real estate company. MBA from henan university of finance and law in business administration. EMBA from zhengzhou university, certificate of completion from Stanford university.


Global partner of Hangzhou 33 complex beauty company chain reform. Researcher of Asia block chain industry institute. Block chain consultant. Block chain consultant first-class consultant lecturer.


Deputy editor of “Artificial Antelligence Aeshaping the World”, columnist of weiyang website of wudaokou institute of finance, columnist of artificial intelligence on WeChat public account of "Oriental forest language", member of expert database of national development bank, 2014 "outstanding figure of Chinese fintech enterprise", CSA STAR cloud security alliance registered appraiser. Cooperated with more than 100 financial institutions, more than 20 provincial banking regulatory bureaus and the people's bank of China, and conducted more than 200 fintech-related trainings, with an audience of more than 10,000 people, and assisted the regulatory authorities in the formulation of some regulatory standards for the financial industry.


Focusing on the application research of industrial blockchain, the analysis and application of blockchain + commercialization and token economic model, served as the president of gyro finance and Economics Research Institute, worked in well-known listed enterprises such as Deppon logistics, and Foxconn, and had rich experience in the field of industrial B2B, blockchain and investment.


Deputy director of China Academy of management Development Science (CAMDS), Senior economist, miit wisdom city senior planners, the international registration of the Internet financial management division (ICIFM), international senior financial management division (SIFM), international registration block chain think-tank analysts (ICBA), Chinese entrepreneurs innovation energy (wisdom), chief expert, expert of China wisdom city committee energy,  expert of wisdom power big data research institute committee, director of the Chinese society of productivity innovation committee. 


Secretary general of Shanghai blockchain industry investment alliance, founding partner of Timeline Capital, world consultant of Japanese blockchain incubator SEKAI co., LTD., founder of global prestigious blockchain alliance, has been the in-depth consultant of more than 30 blockchain enterprises since 2017.








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